The lab collaborates closely with other research groups, both within the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research and with other academic institutions and industry. Please reach out to if you would like to collaborate with us.

Filiz Yesilkoy

We are working with Dr.Yesilkoy at University of Wisconsin Madison to develop novel label-free biosensors

Marc Dandin

IBEM is working with Dr. Dandin at Carnegie Mellon to develop a new integrated circuit for neural stimulation and recording.

Lance Becker

Dr. Beckers's lab is working with us to study how mitochondria are affected by EM fields.

Larry Miller

We are working with Dr. Miller's lab to develop new bioelectronic therapies to treat obesity


We have received a grant along with Dan Grande to develop new pulsed electromagnetic field therapies for sports injury.

Stavros Zanos

The TNP lab and the Bioelectronics Lab work closely to develop and test novel neuromodulation devices.

Theodoros Zanos

We are working the the Neural Data Science lab to discover new techniques for TaVNS

Dan Grande

The Grande lab and the Bioelectronics lab are studying the effects of capacitively coupled electric fields on tissue regeneration