The Bioelectronics Laboratory is interested in hiring new talent in the following areas:

Implantable Packaging - Expertise required in development of biocompatible implantable packaging for electronics and biosensors. Must have solid understanding of materials, methods, and feed through design. Should be able to point to demonstrable examples of robust electronics packages fabricated using either metal/ceramic materials or polymer-based encapsulation.

Wireless Power Transfer - Expertise in inductive power transfer and resonant coupling. Must have history of developing miniaturized wireless power receivers using either custom systems or standard technology such as Airfuel or Qi.

Neural Interfaces - Expertise in developing electrical, optical, or electrochemical interfaces to the central and peripheral nervous system for recording and stimulation. Must have strong history of demonstrated robust chronic implantable neural interfaces.

Integrated Circuit Design - Expertise in mixed signal design of analog front-ends for neural recording and stimulation. Experience with wireless telemetry would be preferred. Must have experience in all aspects of IC design including schematic capture and simulation, layout and verification, and tapeout.

Depending on your experience, qualifications, and career path you may apply for either :

Postdoctoral Researcher

Staff Scientist

Research Associate


Please contact tdatta@northwell.edu